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Spring is a great time to visit the Seacoast of New Hampshire to enjoy the great weather and New England hospitality. Visitors who make the journey look forward to the beautiful scenery and great restaurants along with the wide variety of things to do. Popular Dover, NH entertainment venues like The Strand are always hosting special events for visitors to enjoy. Just walking down Main Street is an amazing experience, with that old New England charm reflected in the architecture and the people. Stop for an ice cream cone or shop for a new sweater at one of the popular clothing boutiques. Later you can visit Henry Law Park for a picnic or just to enjoy the beautiful scenery. When you visit NH’s Seacoast, you can relax knowing that there’s always something to do for everyone in the family.

When you and your family are ready to settle in for the evening, there is no place more special than the Silver Fountain Inn and Tea Parlor. The style and elegance of this Reconstruction Era bed and breakfast, along with the variety of amenities is sure to please everyone in the family. Make reservations in the Tea Room for an extra special treat during your New England getaway weekend. Take a stroll through the garden and throw a penny in the fountain for good luck before turning in for the evening. You’ll always remember your visit and your trip back in time at the Silver Fountain Inn and Tea Parlor.