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When the leaves start to change and the air is cooler, it is time to travel to New England and enjoy what autumn is all about. If you like to hike or just take the family to a park, the Dover area has many opportunities for exercise and fun. Enjoy the fresh air while navigating the trails of Dover, whether you are walking or biking. Make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks along with your phone just in case. All trails are marked so there is little chance of getting lost but having your cell phone with you is just a smart idea.

When the family is ready to take a break from all the activity and settle in, the Silver Fountain Inn on Silver Street is an amazing Victorian style bed and breakfast with a tearoom for your enjoyment. This post Civil War landmark has character and style to make your stay special. Each room has its own unique décor and style.

Some rooms have a four-post bed and there are many unique amenities available for those with eclectic tastes. Visit the tearoom for a special treat and relax in style. Staying at the Silver Fountain Inn is an experience to remember. The staff is dedicated to making sure your visit is special. They are always there to help with suggestions to make your stay even better. Special events like mystery theater and other entertainment options are scheduled often. Stay at the Silver Fountain Inn and enjoy your trip to the amazing city of Dover, New Hampshire.