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Etiquette Lessons

What exactly does etiquette mean, especially in today’s world? To us, it means treating others with respect, honesty and dignity while also being aware of proper table etiquette. But even in this generation it is often followed with proper dinner behavior and use of tableware. In many cases busy schedules and/or social media has replaced the old world learned table manners. Today’s young adults still need to possess vital social skills for that future first date, job interview, business dinner or social gathering. We offer  basic and more advanced etiquette lessons for all ages and gender in group settings over a tea luncheon or dinner.

Lynda SimmonsThe Duchess of Bedford (NH) and owner of Tea for Two, Lynda Simmons is a tea and etiquette consultant that has been certified and her teachings are fast becoming more and more popular among many groups and schools. Call us or head directly to her website for details and to arrange your private or group etiquette lessons.

Upcoming Etiquette Classes



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Let our Certified Etiquette Consultant, Lynda Simmons, teach your children some table manners in time for the holidays! Classes are limited to smaller sizes. Please be advised, these classes are for the student ONLY and are meant to be fun and interactive. Parents can sign up for one of our adult etiquette classes. Please start off on the right foot by being ON TIME and dressed appropriately (no suits or dresses required but no t-shirts or jeans please). Class includes a luncheon so please let us know well in advance of any dietary restrictions or allergies.

T 11:30 – 1pm

Dining Etiquette with Confidence (Ages 8-12)


The holidays will be here before we know it! Are you prepared? In this class the “Complete” place settings for Formal and Everyday Dining will be covered. Students will know which fork is used first, the water glass that is theirs (you don’t drink out of your neighbors) and the placement and use of the dinner napkin and much more! There really are reasons for NO elbows on the table. The holidays are more than just the meal and can become center stage!

It is a time of gathering with friends and family. Introductions and a correct handshake will be practiced and give confidence to all who attend. Holidays can b e a time of gift giving therefore, we will go over the importance of writing a proper thank you note, types of stationary and when to respond by.

How to be a good guest will be covered as well as how to respond to invitations that you receive in a timely manner. Cell phone etiquette at meal time will be discussed and the faux pas around it whether visiting or at home.


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TBA 2:00 – 3:30pm

Savvy Socializing for Teens (Ages 13-18)


This age group will receive the same as the younger age group but with some additional information on “Food Finesse” as well as great and useful tips on Etiquette Potpourri! Simple courtesies, the little things that make a big difference and make for a lasting impression as they progress in to adulthood – first jobs, dating, interviewing etc. Lady Lynda will also touch on grooming thoughts regarding lipstick, hats, perfume and cologne use, sitting, standing and getting in and out of a car gracefully.


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TBA from 1-3:00 pm

Afternoon Tea and Manners (Children, Mothers & Grandmothers)


Please come to the Tea Parlor for a special presentation for Children, Moms and Grandmothers! This class will go over all the things that make Afternoon Tea so special.   All the placing of plates, silverware, glasses, napkins and of course the teacup will be explained. Everything served at Teatime is smaller so you are able to take just two bites and still be able to carry on a conversation easily. Great opportunity for younger children to join with an adult!

Using “polite words” like Please, Thank-you, May I and You’re Welcome will be practiced while enjoying your time together. With the Holidays coming there will be opportuni ‘teas’ to meet someone new.  Introductions and handshakes are important manners to practice with each other before the guest arrive so you will have confidence and feel comfortable at gatherings with friends and family.  There will be some ideas for conversation starters and also how to give genuine compliments and receive them. This would be a good time to wear your hats, take pictures and make memories.


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