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Etiquette Lessons

What exactly does etiquette mean, especially in today’s world? To us, it means treating others with respect, honesty and dignity while also being aware of proper table etiquette. But even in this generation it is often followed with proper dinner behavior and use of tableware. In many cases busy schedules and/or social media has replaced the old world learned table manners. Today’s young adults still need to possess vital social skills for that future first date, job interview, business dinner or social gathering. We offer  basic and more advanced etiquette lessons for all ages and gender in group settings over a tea luncheon or dinner.

Lynda SimmonsThe Duchess of Bedford (NH) and owner of Tea for Two, Lynda Simmons is a tea and etiquette consultant that has been certified and her teachings are fast becoming more and more popular among many groups and schools. Call us or head directly to her website for details and to arrange your etiquette lessons.