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If you and your family are making plans for Easter this year, there is no better place to visit than Seacoast NH. Besides the beautiful Spring weather and friendly atmosphere, there are always plenty of events taking place to keep everyone entertained. Even just strolling through downtown Dover, NH is a great way to spend your time, with all the available specialty shops and boutiques along with a variety of restaurants to keep everyone happy. Maybe the Easter Bunny will be hopping around with treats for the kids! The fresh air and vibrant atmosphere make your Easter special, Seacoast NH style.

When the day turns into evening and the family is ready to settle down for the night, the best place to stay is the Silver Fountain Inn of Dover, NH. This post Civil War bed and breakfast has exquisite rooms and accommodations to keep everyone in the family happy. There will be plenty of Easter chocolate to go around and you can even have after dinner tea in their stylish tea room. Take a journey back in time with the help of the wonderful staff at The Silver Fountain Inn and Tea Parlor, where you will always be treated like you are special; because you are! Have fun this Easter and be comfortable at The Silver Fountain Inn and Tea Parlor, Dover, NH. Happy Easter!